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The moment an online job advertisement goes live on the local internet, thousands of applicants have potentially already applied for the position. Before the job advertiser have even begun to go through the received applications, a sifting out process has already begun. Unbeknown to him perhaps, his algorithmic program has been working in full force. Even so, he is still overwhelmed. There are still so many applications received.

He has no alternative but to go through them all, otherwise how is he to know from this pile will be the most suitable candidates. Now, some of the best candidates for his advertised position may have already been lost through the algorithmic sweep. This is very unfortunate because it is in the best interests of the company advertising the position to reap rewards from acquiring the services of the proverbial best man for the job.

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But when it comes to the executive search los angeles ca enterprise, key online features such as which business school the applicant attended and where he worked previously does not always suffice. The company may be looking for other pertinent qualities relevant to its business that cannot always be pulled from the internet. But if the company’s human resources staff are prepared to sift through each and every application received, then so be it.

The only way to know is to consider each and every application and not allow the internet’s algorithms to block them out. But all this work takes up a lot of time. It is far better and cost effective to refer the search for top executive talent to an outsourced talent or executive search agency. That agency could take a more direct approach to the interrogation of suitable candidates.